Recommended World Wide Web Search Utilities:

  • Alta Vista Search Engine. Created by DEC, this search engine is proclaimed to be the most powerful on the Internet. Alta Vista can also search Usenet Newsgroups.
  • Lycos. Another powerful search engine, which also features a list the top Internet sites.
  • Excite. Excite is an Internet search engine which boasts a high rate of successful searches.
  • Another popular web search engine.
  • Meta-Crawler. Meta-Crawler is a mega-search engine, which queries many other search engines at the same time for a more comprehensive search.
  • Hotbot Search Engine. As a new search engine, Hot Bot continues to expand its databases.
  • Web Crawler. Web Crawler is famous for quick searches with a high success rate.
  • Yahoo. Yahoo is the most respected site database on the Internet.
  • Google Another popular and easy to use web search engine.


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